Law databases

In English

Asia Legal Information Institute

China IP Compass

China Media Law Database - Database of laws and policies of China's news and entertainment media. Maintained by Rogier Creemers. 

CLASS - China Legal Access

EPA Environmental Law Initiative

Intellectual Property Rights - Homepage of the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC

LawInfoChina (produced by ChinaLawInfo)

Leggi Cinesi (in English)

Law bridge

Lehman, Lee & Xu Resource Centre


LexisNexis China

Novex Database

Westlaw China

State Intellectual Property Office Database

In Chinese

National People's Congress Legal Database

National People's Congress Legal Database (2)

State Council Legal Database

Supreme People's Court [Case Search]

Supreme People's Procuratorate

Baidu Falü 百度法律

Beida Fayi 北达法意



China Legal Aid

China Legal Information Centre

China Maritime Trial  [Case Search] 中国海事审判网

China Work Injury Compensation 中国工伤损害赔偿网

Civil Law 中国民商法律网

Criminal Law 中国刑事法律网

Difang lifawang 地方立法网

E-Commerce - 中国电子商务法律网

Fazhiwang Falü  Fagui Shujuku - 法治网法律法规数据库

Intellectual Property Rights 中华人民共和国知识产权局

Falü Tushuguan 法律图书馆

Labour Law  中华人民共和国人力资源和社会保险部

Labour Law  劳动法律网

Prisons, Lawyers, Community Correction, Compulsory Drug Rehabilitation  司法部

Procedural Law 中国诉讼法律网   - 中国政法大学诉讼法规研究院 

Yifatong 易法通

Yifatong 亿法通

Zhongguo Baohu Zhishi Chanquanwang 中国保护知识产权网

Zhongguo Falü Ziyuanwang 中国法律资源网

Zhongguo Falü Fagui Zixunwang 中国法律法规资讯网

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