China: State corruption prevention office

(Written on 17 March)'s the name of China's soon to be established new anti-corruption agency. According to the Jinghua Shibao, this new organ will carry out a co-ordination role. It is likely that it won't be judging any corruption cases, or issuing any sanctions either.

.....but on the other hand who would expect a state organ to encroach upon the powers of the Commissions for Discipline Inspection?

In case you're wondering about WHO will be leading this organ.....well, the leadership role of course will pertain to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Here's the titles of news reports so far issued about the Guojia Yufang Fubaiju.

国家预防腐败局总体协调反腐 可能不办具体案件





国家预防腐败局编制等获批 廉政法仍在调研阶段

Will the Yufang Fubaiju balance the influence of the Commission for Discipline Inspection? Will it check its powers? For the time being, even the administrative rank - the jibie - of the new office is not known. Time - and research - will tell.